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Help For Californian Uninsured

If you do not have California health insurance, find out about low-cost or no-cost health insurance and other resources for you and your family. There are many resources in California. The ones listed here may help you.

If you think you may lose your health insurance, try to keep it or get new insurance in less than 60 days. Read about COBRA and HIPAA.

We'll list the main sources of coverage for uninsured Californians before the Health Reform Exchange is live Jan 1st 2014. 

First, if you are losing California group health insurance, check to see if you have a Cobra or Cal-Cobra option.  If you are exhausting or involuntarily losing Cobra coverage, you may further have HIPAA coverage.  Children are now guaranteed issue on the individual and family market so you can investigate these as well.

If you have not had coverage in the last 6 months, the PCIP pre-existing condition health plan might be available and the pricing/benefits structure has been very competitive.  You can quote the PCIP plan right through our California individual family health insurance quote engine here.

If you are unable to qualify for the Federal PCIP plan, check with MRMIP through State.

Health insurance options for low and no-income Californians

If you can qualify based on income, AIM (Access for Infants and Mothers) might be available to you if your are a pregnant woman and it can also cover the newborn.

Health Families is a low-income health and dental insurance for children as well.

Medi-Cal is the State's version of Medicaid for low or no-income and/or costly disabilities qualification for families.

Currently, the PCIP and MRMIP sites are probably the best places to start since they can route you to specific programs that might be better suited for your needs and situation.  Starting Jan 1st, 2014, individual family California health insurance will be guaranteed issue (can't be declined due to health) through the Exchange so the question of being uninsured will change quite a bit and foresee most of the above plans being consolidated if not superceded by the one Exchange with an income component built in to determine Medi-Cal or premium subsidies.






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