Having difficulties getting through to Covered Ca or new Carrier?

Hold times are running between 1-4 hours (assuming it doesn't disconnect).  We bundle our problem files and call daily to resolve them.  We will do everything we can to get you enrolled.  (See our results below)  

You just need to designate us as your Covered Ca agent.  It takes 30 seconds and there is absolutely no cost to you.  Three options:

1.  Call us at 800-320-6269 and we can designate over the phone and give you immediate status and/or steps for payment

2.   Just complete this designation form (simple, one page document that takes 10 seconds) and fax/email (888/758.2122 or help@calhealth.net) to our   

3.  Create or Log-in to your Covered California account (must be logged in)

You can just email us a request for status or changes and we'll deal with the Exchange.  You can still access your information and contact them directly.   Our Services are Free to You.  We will send over the new payment options specific to your plan choice.

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