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Blue Shield new Active Start plans

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New! Lower-Cost Active StartSM Plans

Blue Shield of California is committed to providing you with more flexible and affordable health plans for California. That’s why we’re excited to introduce to you two new lower-cost Active Start plans: Active Start Plan 35 Generic Rx and Active Start Plan 25 Generic Rx¹. These new Active Start Generic Rx plans offer your clients the same benefits as the Active Start plans you’re familiar with, but without brand-name prescription drug coverage. This single difference in benefits reduces premiums approximately 8 percent over those of our traditional Active Start plans.

The Active Start Generic Rx plans are great options for new members, and they may be ideal plan transfer options for existing Active Start members looking to reduce their premium. Most Active Start members only use generic drugs, so a plan limited to generic prescription drug coverage may help you retain the benefits they need, and save on their monthly premium.

Get More Details Now

A product sheet describing the features and benefits of the new plans, as well as plan rate charts are available here. We can mail hard copies of these documents to you shortly.

New! Over-the-Phone Plan Transfers

We’re making it easier for you during this product cycle. Effective January 15 through March 31, 2007, you can transfer into an eligible plan over the phone without medical underwriting.

Active Start members have the option of a free transfer into either of our new Active Start Generic Rx plans, as well as other plans offered by Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company (Blue Shield Life). Requests to transfer members into one of our Active Start Generic Rx plans can be made immediately, and will be processed February 1, 2007 for effective dates beginning February 1, 2007. A welcome kit including a confirmation letter and new identification cards will be mailed to you at that time. You will be mailed a confirmation letter as well.

¹ Active Start Plan 35 Generic Rx and Active Start Plan 25 Generic Rx are underwritten by Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company (Blue Shield Life), and pending regulatory approval.

² Over-the-phone transfer rules are identical to the transfer rules contained in the Non-Underwritten Plan Transfer Ranking List with the following exception: All over-the-phone plan transfer requests must be within the same company product line. All members in a Blue Shield of California plan must request another eligible Blue Shield of California plan, and all members in a Blue Shield Life plan must request another eligible Blue Shield Life plan to receive an over-the-phone, free transfer.

You can quote the new Blue Shield of California PPO plans here.

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