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Blue Cross Rate increase May 2007
Small Group health insurance

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Blue Cross of California and BC Life & Health Insurance Company are changing rates on all Small Group Medical and Dental Plans effective 5/1/07.

What's Not Changing?
  • Annual Deductibles
  • Copayment/Coinsurance
  • Out-of-Pocket maximums
  • Pharmacy Copayments

What's Changing?

  • Rates are changing on all small Group Medical and dental plans
  • Medical Risk Adjustment Factors (RAF's) are changing for some groups (not to exceed +/- 10%). However, there are more RAF reductions than increases.
  • How we communicate with agents and groups

What’s Added:

  • New medical plans for EmployeeElect and BeneFits
  • New Dental Blue offerings to groups
  • Renewing medical groups may qualify for 1% savings on medical premium when adding 25K or more of Life coverage

Who is Affected?

  • Focal Renewal Cycle Groups on 5/1/07 (original effective dates prior to 12/1/03)
  • Anniversary Renewal cycle Groups on their next 12-month anniversary dates on or after 5/1/07 (original effective dates 12/1/03 or after)

Agents and employers will be notified as follows:

Focal Groups:

Agent Mailings begins: March 1
Employer Mailings begins: March 19
Anniversary Groups: Agent Mailings: 45 days prior to
effective date
  Employer Mailings: 30 days prior to
effective date

Downloadable References:

The following resources are available to download for your use:


Blue Cross Small Group Quote


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