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Thousands of Californians
Hundreds of California Companies

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Welcome to one of the first online California insurance quoting and enrollment sites since 1999.

You can find everything you need here to make an informed decision when shopping for health coverage.

Are you confused about health plan options available to you?

Who isn't these days.  Health insurance was tricky before and now with Covered California, it just added a whole level of tax form with a dash of government rules and process.

But there is a Silver Lining to this new complexity.

The Federal Government might help you pay for your health insurance!

Some of our clients are receiving $18-20K annually towards their families health insurance. That's right. $20,000 towards the premium. One client's premium for he and his spouse is $3/monthly. On a Platinum PPO plan. 

Now that's not the case for everyone but it does mean something to anyone:

You MUST re-evaluate your health insurance against the options available on the market.

The market has completely been turned upside down since Jan 1st 2014. All the old plans/rates go out the door for most people and it's incredibly important to have the guidance of a professional to run the numbers for you. Ummm...that's us by the way.

So how do you begin researching health plan options?

It depends on who "you" are.  The California health insurance market is really broken into three separate markets with different plans, rates, networks and ways of doing things.

Let's first figure out which one is appropriate for you and then we'll give you our Top Shopping Tips for free.

Well...actually our services are completely FREE to you whether you purchase a Covered California plan or off-exchange plan. There is NO difference in cost. So now that we have that out of the way...who are you??

Individual Family
Small Business
Seniors with Medicare
Covered California (Individual or Business)

We can you help enroll in Covered California fastAn Individual or Family who purchases your own health insurance

You may be offered health insurance by an employer but want to compare your options on the individual market. Cobra definitely falls in this category since Cobra can be so expensive.



Do not shop Individual Family Coverage before reading this:


There are two worlds out there now. If you receive a tax credit based on income, you'll be okay if not actually happy about your health insurance cost and options.

Otherwise health insurance is very expensive. It's that simple. You'll either come out of the process okay (maybe even happy) or frustrated (and quite a bit poorer)

For this reason, call us at 800-320-6269.

Most of the people who submitted their own apps to Covered Ca and then called us for help (which we can do after the fact) had vastly incorrect information in the system which meant their tax credit amount would be WRONG. You don't want that for a few reasons.

In 5 minutes, we can quickly establish:

  1. what income amount to use
  2. how many members to spread this among
  3. what your subsidy will be and most importantly
  4. what your monthly premium will be across the main carriers (we're contracted with all of them and a certified Covered Ca agent).

We'll walk you through the whole process and save you hours of time and potentially a great deal of money.  Again, no cost to you since we are certified Covered Ca agents.

You have complete access to countless articles on the Individual Family Market here:

The Individual and Family Center page; or Quote Covered Ca (Exchange) and off-Exchange plans

There are new tax credits for certain Group health plansEmployer who offers (or wishes to add) group health benefits

Start-ups fall in this category as well. The IRS is actually cracking down on employer's paying for individual employee health plans so be careful. We'll discuss this more fully in the group section.

Do not shop California Group Employer Benefits before reading this:


What does this mean? Basically, the major carriers allow you to cap your monthly premium to a budget and then the employees can pick from multiple options (even across PPO and HMO) and pay the difference.

Everyone's happy. (what a concept with employee health benefits!)

  1. You have a hard-line budget to pay for health benefits and
  2. Your employees can pick a plan according to their needs and budget.

It's the only way to go.

We can also look to see if you might be eligible for Employer Tax Credits to help pay the monthly premium through Covered Ca.

If your company's average salary is less than $50K (excluding owners) and you have less than 25 employees, Contact Us immediately.  

The Group Health Benefits Center page ; or Quote Group health benefits for California Companies

Quote Medicare Supplement plans across the major carriersSenior Californians with Medicare

Medicare is great but there are some important gaps to fill in. That's where Medicare supplements or "medigap" plans come into effect. You can quote and compare these with the new Advantage plans as well. All from one site!


Do not shop California Supplements for Medicare before reading this:


It's really the best option unless your budget dictates moving to an Advantage plan. You'll also need a Part D for medication.

The key concern going forward is "Excess" or what a doctor can charge above Medicare's allotted rate. This will become a bigger and bigger issue. The F plan covers that while most other supplements do not.

Depending on what your Part B Medicare premium costs, a 65 year old can expect about $300/monthly (Part B Premium, F plan, Part D) for a total package.

You can find plenty more detail and insight here: 

The California Medicare Supplement Center page; or Run your Medicare supplement and Advantage plan Quote

Interested in Covered California options and quotes

Covered Ca isn't a separate market like Individual, Group, or Senior but it's a MARKETPLACE.

It's a way to purchase individual and Group plans with possible tax credits that can pay a share of your insurance premium. It really is the big change in the market and most of our applications (especially for individual/family) go through Covered Ca.


Do not Shop Covered Ca before reading this:


We're not exaggerating.  Take it from someone who scrambled to get people enrolled till midnight every night prior to the deadlines. And yes, we got 100% of our applications processed. 100's of accounts. You can read the reviews above and hear the desperation.

Since when did health insurance agents get praise like that? Since Health Reform!

We're here to help you during the process and during the year. We had accounts with issues right up till the midnight deadline which we got fixed.

There are three main ways to proceed: 

  1. Run your own instant quote. We make this available to everyone for free. Instantly. You can quote three main markets and even Covered Ca plans. These are best rates available. There is no fee for our service.
  2. Email us for a quote.  We just need dates of birth, zip code, and best estimate for current year income. We can help you narrow what this means since the definition is ridiculously specific and confusing.
  3. Call us at 800-320-6269! This really is the best way and we're not saying that to try and lure you into some sales push. That's not our style and if you so much as detect a hint of it, please say good bye and hang up!

Seriously. Since there's no cost to you for our services (even in Covered Ca), we're here to address your questions, quote/explain the options, and enroll if you need help. If not, we can at least answer your question!

Given a choice, #3 is the fastest but feel free to research on your own with #1 or #2.

We really do prefer #3 for the actually Covered Ca enrollment since there are so many pitfalls and hiccups for a person enrolling themselves. 

It's so much easier with the Covered Ca system to enroll correctly up front than to try to clean up an account after the fact.

 It can be done, but it's tricky!

Again, most of the self-applying individuals we came across had wrong information in Covered Ca resulting in:

  1. crashing their account
  2. preventing them from getting a tax credit
  3. and worse...a nasty tax surprise in April!

Enrollment over the phone generally takes about 10 minutes. That's it!

Quote, Email, or Call. Either way, you have found a valuable resource with 30 years combined:

  1. California (very important since each state is different)
  2. Health (equally important since health is quite different than other insurances)
  3. Insurance (licensed, Covered Ca certified, with Continuing Education and Ethics requirements)

Experience. How can we help you? You'll be pleasantly surprised.

In fact, we'll bet that not only can we help you navigate the incredibly complicated health insurance market but you'll refer us to your friends! Seriously. We're that good!

The Covered Ca Enrollment Center page; or  Quote Covered California Plans (select "Exchange")

800-320-6269 or email at  


20 years of experience in the California health insurance market has taught us one thing...Competent and experienced guidance is Invaluable

We can quickly (very important) size up your health insurance needs and clearly explain the options available to you. Our focus is finding the most coverage at the best cost to you.

We are licensed Covered Ca agents with in-depth knowledge of their plans, process, and tax credits.

Call will be Pleasantly Surprised.  800-320-6269

Request a 10 Minute Health Plan Check-up

We'll quickly see if you have the best priced plan available and if you qualify for a tax credit


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