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Top Health Reform Questions

NEW  Finally.  A Guide to the NEW California Doctor Networks

NEW  The Definitive Guide to the 2016 Covered California Open Enrollment

NEW 10 Tips to Successfully Comparing Covered Ca Plans

Quick Intro to New ACA Options
Issues with Covered Ca Login
Do I Qualify for a Health Subsidy?
Should I Keep My Plan?
Can I Keep My Doctor?
What Will Happen To My Rate?
Will My Benefits Change?
Can I Be Declined Based On Health?
What's the Deadline To Sign Up?



What Income Period Do They Look At?
If I Have Group Coverage, Can I Get a Subsidy?
How Much Income Qualifies For A Subsidy?
What If My Income Changes?
Do I Have To Pay The Full Amount Up Front?
Do I Have To Stay With My Plan?
Which Plan Should I Go With?
What's the Penalty For Not Getting Coverage?


tax penalty for Covered Ca


What If I Miss The Open Enrollment Window?
What If I Move From Another State?
What's The Difference Between In and Out-of-Exchange Plans?
Is My Group Plan Affordable and Minimum Value?
What Info Should I Have Ready To Enroll?
Are There Requirements Besides Income?
What Type Of Income Do They Look At?
Can Family Members Split Policies?
Difference Between EPO and PPO
Are Doctor Networks Different Between Carriers?
How Are The Metallic Plans Different?
What Is Cost Sharing Benefit in Silver Plan?
What Effective Date Can I Request
What about Self Employment Income?
What is's Role?
Why are my Kids Offered Medi-Cal if Over 138% FPL?
Does Tax Filing Status Affect Subsidy Eligibility?
Do I have to pay the Penalty if I Have Short Term Health Insurance?
Comparing the Bronze and Silver Health Plans
How to Calculate Self Employment Income Estimate
How to Enroll Outside of Open Enrollment

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