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We have focused on California health insurance over 25 years for:


  • Individuals and Families
  • Seniors with Medicare
  • Small Business; both new Start-ups and existing companies looking to save


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First, we are licensed California agents and Certified Covered California agents.



Most importantly:


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Need an Agent to help with Covered California

We really do want to help people find the best health coverage and understand their options.


Look at our website.  Look at the tools we make available for free:



Since 2014, health insurance is more complicated than ever on the Individual and Family Side.


Taxes.  Income estimates.  Penalties.  Politics.  Rules and Regulations. insurance can be fun!


That's where a good health insurance agent is invaluable.


The focus is on "good".


With any profession, you have a range of knowledge, ability, and just plain caring.


It's very important to us to be good agents...but furthermore, just be good people.


Just check out our Google Reviews!


You'll see when you speak with us. 


Here is how to delegate us as your Covered Ca agent

If you don't have an account (or haven't completed much), you can quickly enroll here


If you need ongoing (and free) assistance with an existing Covered Ca account:


  • Login to Covered Ca here
  • Click on "Need Help?" at top and then "Find Local Help"
  • Search for last name "Jarvis" and select Dennis Jarvis
  • Answer questions and designate as agent

There's no cost for our assistance. Check out our Google Reviews!

Email me when complete and I can help going forward.  Thanks!



How can I find a local Covered California health agent

The world of health insurance has changed quite a bit.


Local means less these days in the world of online information.


What matters is knowledge, competence, and actually wanting to help people.


I sounds trite but we want to help people navigate the insurance world to their best interest.


Hopefully, it comes back around.


You'll be dealing with a principle of the company in your dealings so we can afford this level of care.


Call 800-320-6269 or email us with any questions.


Where can I get help with Covered California account

We've been busy over the past 25 years!


  • We are Certified Covered California agents who have enrolled and helped 1000's of Californians.
  • We have enrolled 1000's of California companies in group health plans.
  • We have enrolled 1000's of Seniors in Medicare eligible plans


We can help you!


If you have an existing Covered Ca account, you can choose as your agent.  Steps are here.


If you're new to the system, we can help compare plans, enroll in coverage, and help with ongoing membership.


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Enrollment help for Open Enrollment in Covered Ca

It's complicated now.  Let us make it easy.  Seriously!


Here are some key resources to help but feel free to contact us..our assistance is 100% free to you as Certified Covered California agents:



Lots of great information to get you started.


Call us at 800-320-6269 or email us with any questions!

Do you need an agent to help with Medicare options?

The senior market is now more complicated than ever with the new Advantage plans and other Medigap plans getting phased out.


We work with some of the biggest carriers on the market!


agent to help comparing california medicare plans



Reach out to us at


Some great places to start though:



From there, you can get a sense of what we bring to the table as Medicare plan agents!



Otherwise, run your quote and get help from us if needed:


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And small employers??


Finding a good agent for small business health benefits in California

Whether you're just starting as a company or staring at your monthly bill is disbelief, we're here for you!


Let us run numbers across the entire market to see how we can get the best value for you and for your employee.


We're always amazed at how much companies are over-paying because their agent is not on top of this annually.  The carriers definitely aren't going to show you the whole market!


We can even structure it so that you have a fixed budget and your employees have complete choice (click on image to learn how):

how to save on california employer health plan costs agent tips



We'll look at major carriers for this endeavor:


quote california major business health insurance carriers



Run your quote here and we'll get to work.  No cost for our assistance!


quote and compare california business health plans with help of a broker




How is a broker different from an agent?

It's not uncommon to interchange these two terms but they are subtlely different.


Officially, a California health agent is an individual or company that acts on behalf of the carriers to market, sell, and service insurance.


The Agent has a contract with the carrier in order to transact this business.


A broker is person who also contracts with carriers but officially acts on behalf of the client.


In practical terms, they are similar when operating in the California health insurance market.


Goodacre Insurance Services, the owner of is a California agent (we have contracts with all the major carriers) but our business goal and mission is to help the end consumer find the best plan and rate for their situation with no real concern to which carrier they go to (aside from being a solid carrier with a good track record).


We have contracts with the carriers but no affinity to one over another.


We are independent agents in that respect and this is important.


There are dozens of plans on the market and just running your instant California health insurance quote gives you only half the story.


  • How stable are those rates?
  • How easy is that carrier to deal with for claims and service issues?
  • What is their network like?


You can't glean this information from an online quote.


This is where the experience of an agent comes into play.


We deal with all these carriers day in and day out.


We know the little secrets that get glossed over in the colorful brochures and snazzy plan names. We know...and that means you know!


There are health insurance carriers out there that use captured agents.


These are individuals that essentially work for the carrier in question.


They will only discuss, market, and sell that carrier's plans.


There's no reason to go this way..or at least any reason in your interest.


Since we can quote all the major carriers side by side at our site, it doesn't make sense to just look at one carrier.


It's pretty obvious this would not be advantageous to the end consumer.



So how are agents or brokers paid

It's very similar to travel agents.


We receive a commission directly from the carriers and these amounts are pretty similar from carrier to carrier.


The rate is identical to you whether you go through us, another broker, or direct to the carrier.


Essentially, you get our services as a third party at no cost.


Many people deal directly with the carriers but keep in mind that they are big companies and you're essentially dealing with a "captured agent" since they can only discuss options in-house which may or may not be the best for your situation.


Some of the representatives at the carriers are very knowledgeable and others are...let's face it...newer. 

So what should you expect from your broker/agent and especially Goodacre Insurance Services?


What Can A California Health Agent do for you?

Let's cover some of the key things a California health agents can help with (free to you):


  • Income estimates for tax credits
  • Covered California eligibility
  • Plan selection and comparison
  • Enrollment and processing
  • Payment and activation
  • Membership and billing issues
  • Medicare eligible plans
  • Small Business Benefits


A little more detail where it's important...


Goodacre Insurance Services provides service spanning three main areas.



1.  Choosing the right California health plan.

This is half the battle to being satisfied with your health plan.


It's complicated and there's a great deal of specific terminology.


A lot of shoppers glaze over when they first run their online health quote.


Let's face insurance is not a common purchase.


Typically, people have not needed to shop health insurance in years...if ever.


Goodacre Insurance Services has been dealing solely with California health insurance plans for over two decade now.


It's pretty amazing what two decades of direct experience will do...with just a few questions, we can usually boil down even the most complex health insurance needs to a few solid options.


We want you to be informed.


On a daily basis, we hear from our clients that they wish they would have called earlier rather than try to navigate the volumes of information provided the plans.


Let us help. We do not sell.


We listen, advise, and then it's up to you what you wish to do.


2.  California application and enrollment

Completing the California health application is a big reason that people delay the health insurance question.


Some sections of the application are required by obtuse laws such as Cobra.


Small Group can be equally difficult in terms of qualification for Small Group health coverage in California.   Don't get us started on Medicare!!


We are happy to walk you through the application once a plan has been decided on.


This is also the time to ask about the process, payment options, cancellation options, time table for enrolling in coverage.


3.  Health Insurance Service and Membership

 We wish that the application and enrollment process was the end of the story but the market is in a state of constant flux.


There are always membership, claims, and services issues and with the constant plan and rate changes, re-evaluating your health insurance periodically can save you a great deal of money as things definitely change.


We're there to help you with this renewal process as well.


Keep in mind that you can always contact the carrier directly if you choose but why would you? Let us do the work for you since there is no additional cost to you.


Agents and brokers are required to have a license and continuing education by the California Department of Insurance.


You can always research an agent's history, carrier contracts, and other information through them.


There are different types of licenses.


The two most common are Life/Health which is used to transact California health insurance and Property and Casualty is used to transact insurance such as auto or home insurance.


Some agents do both health and P&C but it is increasingly difficult to this well and keep up with the ever-changing industries.


This is why we choose to concentrate on health insurance solely.


We know the carriers, the plans, and changes in the market. This makes us invaluable to you.


As we say on the phone here at Goodacre Insurance Services..."How can I help you out"?


You can run your California health quote through a health agent here


Again, there is absolutely no cost to you for our services.  Call 800-320-6269 Today!