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California health insurance  -    Self Employed health insurance

California health insurance for self-employed

health insurance for the self-employed


Self employed individuals and families make up a large percentage of the California individual health insurance market


They generally do not have group health insurance for various reason and need to provide for themselves.


Their concerns and focus when dealing with health insurance is also unique as we'll discuss since they are footing the bill for themselves.


 Let's look at options available to self employed California and find the best value available.


One bit of good insurance premiums are generally deductible to self-employed people who have a positive income. 


Here's the bottom line.


Cost is king for self-employed and for a good reason.


A self employed person must weigh cost associated with going up the scale in health benefits and rarely does pencil out.


For this reason, high deductible and more catastrophic health insurance has been the norm within this group.


IF we are not getting a tax credit (more on that later)...


The Bronze or Silver plans generally make the most sense unless we're really young (in which case, the premium difference isn't so high)


You can quickly quote the self-employed individual/family plans here or call 800-320-6269 for free assistance.


We can help you compare the different plan options to see where the "sweet spot" between premium and benefits will be.


Health Insurance Tax Credits for the Self Employed


The big deal for self-employed deals with potential tax credits. 


It's easier for self-employed people to qualify for the tax credits since we're looking at the "net" business income


Actually the AGI on your 1040 tax form which helps even more.


We can help you with this calculation.  More detail on the tax credit piece here.


Just call us at 800-320-6269 or email us


The Tax Credit will automatically show in your self employed quote here:


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Individual versus Group health insurance


Since the ACA law went into effect, the differences in core benefits between Individual and Group coverage has largely gone away


The difference is in the networks


The individual/family plan networks are roughly 2/3rds the size of group health plans.


The problem is that the law also made it harder for self-employed (family businesses) to qualify for group coverage.


You now need a non-spouse on payroll. 


That can be tough.


Each self-employed person's situation is different (leaving group coverage, family dependent coverage, etc) so please run your situation by us and we'll quickly size up the best approach.


Health Insurance for Gig Workers in California


This is supposed to 20% of the California labor market NOW!


Find out how Obamacare has helped Gig workers in the State.


Gig workers are largely self-employed and should take advantage of the same benefits mentioned above...specifically the tax credit piece if eligible.


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