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review and compare scan medicare advantage plans


Golden State Gains: Unveiling the Perks of SCAN Medicare Advantage Plans in California




We're impressed and that's hard to do with health insurance, especially after 25 years in the market.

For many people, SCAN is a new name for them when entering the whole Medicare Advantage market.

They're much more familiar with AARP UnitedHealth, or Aetna.

In all fairness, we were as well before really diving into the advantage market but SCAN just seems to do everything right.

We work with the biggest Advantage plans and our credentials are here:



We'll explain below, but at its core, SCAN is actually embodying why the HMO model exists at all!

Making people healthier is cheaper in the long run!  That's the whole premise.  Or should be anyway.

As a result, the Star ratings are generally some of the best in a given area, and customer satisfaction in California is over 90%!

This is really hard to beat, with the average being around 4 stars, with satisfaction much lower.  Most don't publish because it's not a real selling point.

So...let's get to know SCAN along these lines:

  • A quick intro to SCAN medicare advantage plans
  • Are people happy with SCAN Advantage plans
  • Why is SCAN growing in California so fast
  • The different types of SCAN plans
  • How to quote SCAN advantage plans
  • How to enroll in SCAN Advantage plans

Let's get started.


A quick intro to SCAN medicare advantage plans in California

SCAN isn't your typical big carrier with grey suits at its roots.

In fact, it was started in Long Beach by a group of senior activists!  Yes, activists.


It's a non-profit that has existed since 1977.


How did SCAN Advantage plans start


SCAN.  Senior Care Action Network

It's one of the biggest Advantage plan administrators in the US with roughly 285,000 members nationwide.


It's currently in the following counties (may change so run your quote here):


where is SCAN advantage available by county


LA is definitely the big hub for SCAN but they're also gaining in other counties as you can see in our big California Advantage plan comparison.


A few key questions that we get regarding SCAN:

  • Is SCAN an Advantage plan only?  Yes.  They only deal with that model
  • Is SCAN different from traditional Medicare?  Yes.  See Medicare versus Advantage plans
  • Is SCAN an HMO or PPO?  It's an HMO (currently)

So....why are they spreading so quickly among absolute giants in the California insurance market?

Word of mouth seems to be good, and that's how many people choose an Advantage plan, believe it or not.

Let's go there.

Are people happy with SCAN Advantage plans

When you run your quote below, you'll see a very important tool to help compare the options.  Note....we may need to run the SCAN quote separately for you so reach out to us at if you don't see it pop up.

quote SCAN advantage plans and part D in los angeles


Make sure to enter your doctor and RX information to get a personalized quote.


The Medicare Star rating.

This is Medicare's internal "Yelp" or tool for feedback from actual members on given Advantage plans.

The Star ratings can differ from area to area...even for the same carrier so it's important to run your quote!

In the comparison we did for LA, San Diego, and the Bay Area, SCAN was very strong in the Bay Area and just ran the show in LA County (top 3 spots).

In San Diego, it was #2 behind SHARP which dominates down there.

LA County:


SCAN advantage plans in Los Angeles

Goodness.  4.5 Star ratings on those top 3 plans.  5 stars is the highest and 4ish is average.


They also hit the marks for the two other two components of our "Triple Threat":

  • Max out of pocket under $1000
  • Low or no monthly premium

how to compare california medicare advantage plans and carriers


Combine that with a solid Star rating and we quickly see why they're growing.

And all this from an HMO!  It's hard to get people to like their HMO or health insurance for that matter.

Clearly, that's what they're doing... are they doing this?  This is where we get excited.

Why is SCAN growing in California so fast?

We need to set the stage on what all carriers are dealing with.

The #1 issue in healthcare is the spiral cost of it!  The HMO senior model (Advantage) is the most recent attempt to slow down that curve we need to understand how it works to get a sense of SCAN is doing.



the problem with only having traditional medicare

HMOs are essentially mini-single-player plans.  Fixed buckets of money divvy up for health care among a group of enrollees.

That's why they work best in more populous areas (hmmm hmmm..Los Angeles!!)


The model uses different tools to keep the cost down from PPOs or Medicare Supplements (see Advantage versus Supplements).


compare california medicare advantage plan versus supplement

This is usually where you see complaints from people on the HMO model.  Restrictions on who you can see and what can get done.  The trade-off with Advantage plans. is SCAN avoiding this pitfall?

Now...buried within the original intent of the HMO is the simple premise...

If a carrier can actually make people healthier, healthcare costs will drop as a result

That's the promise even if many carriers haven't lived up to it (low ratings and complaints).

Our take???

SCAN is the single best example of this promise on the Advantage market.

Look...we're impartial and work with all the major carriers (outside of Kaiser).

It's the right thing to do.


quote california medicare carriers and plans online including SCAN


SCAN is the one "small" carrier we work with.  So...what is SCAN doing?

Inherent in seniors day to day lives are huge determinants for whether they will be healthier or not.

Simple things with giant implications.

One example (of many)...taking your meds regularly and at the right time.

My parents will visit with a traveling bag filled with medication bottles and I see how easy it is for them to get confused and skip/miss or take the wrong meds.

They have 5+ each and in their mid/late 70's, it's too much.

SCAN partnered with a company that will bundle your meds by day and time of day (morning versus night, etc.) in pouches.  

You just take the Monday Morning pouch and all those bottles go away!

The health repercussions and costs associated with missed medications or taking double are ridiculous!

Yes, this is an extra cost to SCAN but longer term, it bends the healthcare cost curve and that's just one example.

They're actively finding tools and tricks to make getting healthcare and healthy...easier for seniors.

Again, this was the original intent of HMOs and SCAN may be the best example of it.

As a result, their popularity is spreading and we wouldn't be surprised to see them as top 1-2 in California by decade end.

Careful United (AARP)!!  Check out SCAN versus United.



what is SCAN advantage plan enrollment rank in california


So...what are the core types of plans?

The different types of SCAN plans

Plans offered by SCAN can differ depending on your area, so make sure to run your quote here:

quote advantage plans side by side in california


There are seven core SCAN plans:

  • Classic - standard Advantage plan offering
  • Connections - for people with Medi-Cal and Medicare
  • Venture - Part B money give-back
  • Balance - for people with diabetes; strong insulin benefit
  • Prime - richest benefit suite
  • Affirm - designed for LGTBQ+ members and their medical needs
  • VillageHealth - for people with end-stage renal disease


All are HMOs and some will rank higher than others in a given area (or may not be available).

When you run your quote, you can select "SCAN" from the left and see all the options in your area.

Usually, the process goes like this:

  • Do you have Medi-Cal AND Medicare?  The Connections option may be a better fit
    Do you have chronic diseases?  The Balance, VillageHealth, or SNP plans may be a better fit

Otherwise, Classic is the standard offering and it's hard to beat.

Again, look at the "Triple Threat":

  • Star Rating
  • Lowest max out of pocket
  • Lowest premium

We're happy to analyze this for you at  

If you want to see the plans/rates yourself, let's look at quoting the options.

How to quote SCAN advantage plans

We make this easy....and free!

First, run your quote here:

free online advantage plan quote in california


We'll send you an email where you can enter your medication and doctor information as well as an "opt-in" required by law for us to quote these plans for you.

Once received, we'll send you a comprehensive quote for your area where you can see not only SCAN plans but also compare them with other plans in your area.

There are different search options on the left and we're happy to help with any questions.


There's no cost for our assistance and our Google Ratings show how we treat people!


california SCAN medicare agent with google reviews


What about enrollment?

How to enroll in SCAN Advantage plans

There are many ways to enroll in a SCAN plan.  


"Add to Cart" is available for online enrollment right through the quote above!


This system is fast, free, and tied directly into SCAN's enrollment. 


In the meantime, reach out to us at and we'll send over the available enrollment options for SCAN Advantage plans.

We're happy to help with any questions at 800-320-6269 or 

See why we're excited about SCAN?  


Actually, we feel pretty good being a Medicare Advantage broker with options like this!

Here are some key takeaways about SCAN Advantage Plans in California:

Coverage: SCAN Advantage Plans typically include benefits such as prescription drug coverage, routine vision and dental care, hearing aids, and wellness programs. Some plans may also offer additional benefits like transportation services and fitness programs.
Costs: The costs of SCAN Advantage Plans can vary depending on the plan type, location, and individual circumstances. In general, members are responsible for paying a monthly premium, copayments, and deductibles. Some plans may have lower out-of-pocket costs than others.
Provider Networks: SCAN Advantage Plans typically have a network of healthcare providers that members must use in order to receive coverage. Members may need to choose a primary care physician and obtain referrals to see specialists.
Enrollment: Eligible individuals can enroll in SCAN Advantage Plans during the annual Medicare open enrollment period, which typically runs from October 15th to December 7th each year. Some individuals may also be eligible for special enrollment periods due to certain life events.

Important Disclaimers:

  • We do not offer every plan available in your area. The number of organizations and plans available will be specified for your specific quote here. Please contact Medicare. gov, 1-800-MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) to get information on all of your options.
  • Not all plans offer all of these benefits. Benefits may vary by carrier and location. Limitations, exclusions, copays, deductibles, and coinsurance may apply.
  • Part B Premium give-back is not available with all plans. Availability varies by carrier and location. Actual Part B premium reduction varies.
  • Every year, Medicare evaluates plans based on a 5-star rating system.
  • Not affiliated with or endorsed by the government or Federal Medicare Program. Goodacre Insurance Services is an insurance agency not affiliated with the government.