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Anthem Blue Cross Employee Elect for Small Group



Anthem Blue Cross of California's Employee Elect brings cafeteria style plan flexibility and cost control to the Small Group health insurance market in California. We have found this to be the be best received Small Group benefit on the market as it allows total choice to the employees but stays within your ideal monthly budget.


We would be happy to walk through how this works and get it rolling for your company.


EmployeeElect medical plans portfolio offers unique advantages for businesses with 2-50 employees:


Full choice of PPOs, HMOs, and HSAs you can offer just one, a mix 'n match selection, or all plans

Administrative ease - integrated billing and customer service make it easy for you to offer as many different plans and types of coverage desired

Financial Control - three ways to approach your monthly contribution to your employee's medical premiums (employees pay the rest through payroll deduction):

- Fixed Dollar Contribution - you pay $100 or more
- Traditional Contribution - you pay 50% or more
- Percentage and Plan Contribution - you pay 50% or more, tied to a specific plan


Rate guarantees - you enroll with an initial full 12-month rate and benefit guarantees

Worker's Compensation discount and potential medical premium savings with Integrated MediComp

Additional savings opportunities when you purchase Dental and Life along with Medical

Potential tax advantages to your company
You have the strength of Anthem Blue Cross (see more at our California health carrier comparison), a full range of affordable health plans to choose from, and a fixed budget going forward.

How to determine if this is a good option for your Small Group?


First, run your Small Group health insurance quote.


After entering your basic census information, look at the plan's monthly total for the group and choose the one closest to your ideal monthly budget.


You now have your "benchmark health plan".


We can quickly put together a specialized report based on this benchmark and your designated contribution (say 90% of a given plan or 100% of another...anything above 50%).


This report will actually give you a Benefits worksheet for each employee where they will see how much it will be out of their pocket (per month or by paycheck) for any given plan. They can even see what the cost will be to add dependents on any given plan. A given employee may want to go with a cheaper California health plan and add their spouse or family.


Either way, you give the employee options and let them make the decision.


Employees are much happier with this flexibility than trying to conform their health care needs to one plan. Employees have different needs and different ideas about health insurance so let them choose.


Either way, your budget is fixed. It's the best of both worlds.


Once your proposal is complete, please confirm your benchmark plan and we'll run the employee worksheets with a detailed report. We typically send this report out the same business day.


Please let us know how we can help.

You can run your California Employee Elect Health Plans Quote to view rates and plans side by side from the major carriers...Free.

Again, there is absolutely no cost to you for our services.  Call 800-320-6269 Today!