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top 10 advantages rippling hr benefit platform


Top 10 Advantages for Rippling HR - Benefit Platform


We've been waiting years for a company to actually do this right.

Lots of pretenders but maybe we finally have a contender in the online benefit HR platform space!

Mark our words...Rippling is going to be bigger than Salesforce 5-10 years out.

After all, a company's greatest resource is human resource and the management there has been akin to Microsoft Paint till now.

Janky interfaces. Siloed systems that don't talk. Don't work. Don't flex.

Let's look at how Rippling was able to flip the entire space on its head and garner the highest rating from actual launched companies across major comparison sites.

Here are the top 10 Advantages to every company with Rippling:


  • Start with the employee record FIRST
  • Pay according to how many people actually use a model
  • HR and Benefits are just the beginning
  • Give respect to the launch and charge to make it actually work
  • Offer additional modules at no cost
  • Integrate the 3rd party broker at no cost
  • Build compliance right into the architecture
  • Easily add new components as needed
  • One interfaces to rule them all
  • It just works!

Let's cover these in more detail!


Start with the employee record FIRST

First, let's describe the worse way to do this.

  • Have ADP for payroll.
  • A separate system for benefits (or no system at all)
  • A third system for IT management
  • Another system for employee reimbursement


Each one has its own data entry and interface.

They don't talk. Won't talk. Can't talk!

Rippling went the other way in this one simple (albeit complicated to pull off) precedent.


It bases all flow from the employee record.

One entry. Multiple systems.

One interface.



employee centric benefit platform


If a change is made in payroll, it automatically triggers the needed changes in benefits, IT, etc.

And vice versa.

This really is revolutionary and there's no other platform that pulls off the breath and integration required like Rippling.

Most HR managers or companies are simply blown away at the sheer volume of work that evaporates when you start with the employee data first in one integrated system.

Not to mention cost and irritation gone!

This is really the crown jewel of Rippling's design and most of what we'll discuss below flows from the critical engineering.

Cost is obvious a separate piece and we have good news on that front as well!


Pay according to how many people actually use a model

First, Rippling makes its money primarily from payroll charges that you're already paying to another company/system plus a per person monthly fee for the EVERYTHING else.

Let's break that down.

The per head cost is $8/month.

Within that, you receive the following (if you want it)...


HR Module:


  • Payroll
  • Time Management
  • Talent
  • PEO
  • Pulse - employee survey/feedback option
  • Benefit management


IT Module:

  • App management
  • Device management
  • Inventory management

Finance Module:

  • Reimbursements
  • Corp Credit Cards
  • Bill Pay

And more!

One system. One interface. One fee!

This is pretty ridiculous and speaks to why they jumped from 100 employees to 2000 in a year.

Also...the ratings!

In addition, most companies will charge for the total headcount. What if 30 of our 50 employees are actually in the system (say contractors, etc)?

You pay for the 30!

Some companies offer Hr. Others will work benefits in but with poor results (trust us...we've seen the launches first hand).

The added modules are just gravy with Rippling. Let's look at those.


HR and Benefits are just the beginning

We need HR and Benefits to be done right. Rippling has pulled that off by basing everything around the employee data first.

The additional models will soon be mandatory for any company that wishes to compete!

Let's take some of our client's favorite examples:


  • Talent management
  • Device management
  • Employee reimbursement


The whole resume to HR pathway is typically separate, clunky, and in need of integration.


Rippling's system completely integrates this process into the HR fold (where frankly, it's always belonged, right??).

The entire Hiring stack will be integrated into the employee's data record from the get-go.

Then there's device management.

Access and deboarding device (and app and password) process is completely integrated at the employee level.

The system can even generate the return packaging and mail for remote workers on the backend.

No separate passwords or's all one clean record and system tied to the employee.

What about the multiple systems that companies pay for to manage employee reimbursements?

Rippling has expanded its Finance module to incorporate this as well. More importantly, it's integrated directly with payroll!

Again, most companies are dealing with (and paying for) multiple systems that don't communicate with each other.

See why Rippling is going to be bigger than Salesforce?

One of the biggest issues and apprehensions is the transition over. Let's touch on that.


Give respect to the launch and charge to make it actually work

Every rep will promise you a smooth and easy transition.

"Don't worry...we hand walk you through the whole process. You won't even know we're there!"

20 hours into it with multiple calls to outside sales and techs in India sure doesn't feel like hand-walking.


Again...we've been doing this for 20 years (managements systems - 30+ years in employer benefits) now so we've seen it all.

Rather than promise the moon for free, Rippling decided that the launch needs to be solid and in order to really deliver on this, they would charge a flat $2000 fee.

This then affords the actual support you need to quickly get up and running successfully.

It's actually a pretty pragmatic approach since many systems don't charge...but then don't deliver.

The savings beyond in both time and money will more than pay for this initial charge and most importantly, management that green-lights the move can rest assured that it won't come back on them (any PTSD from prior launches out there??).

It's the correct move for such a large shift. You get what you paid for.

Part of this process is integration with existing legacy systems.


Integration with 3rd party apps and software

There may be systems that you absolutely don't want to lose. Can those work with Rippling?

Actually, work??

From Google Workspace to Zoom, Rippling has over 500 different apps ready to go out the gate.


  • 401K
  • Background Checks
  • Learning Management
  • Recruiting management
  • Time and Attendance

Check with us for crucial interfaces that you want access to and we'll research that first for you.

You'll find with time that Rippling aims to be a one-stop shop but it's fully capable of integration with existing apps in the HR benefits market.

Speaking of benefits...


Integrate the 3rd party broker at no cost

This is our sphere actually. As 3rd party brokers (health, dental, etc), we know our markets.



Keep in mind that any carrier will only show you their plans and options. In today's world, we're seeing shifts at renewal of 10-13% from carrier to carrier at almost identical benefits.

Then there's the PEO (which Rippling offers) or partially self-insured options depending on the size of the company.

The biggest HR Benefit platforms out there basically put this on you to figure out. Unless you're in the industry, it's almost impossible to do this to your advantage!


how to save on california employer health plan costs with Rippling


3rd party brokers are zero cost to you as the company. We are paid a commission from the carrier but the rate is identical as if you went direct or with any other source.

Check out Google Reviews Here!

We can help with questions, renewals, plan comps, and most importantly...problems!

It's an added layer of expertise for what is becoming one of the most expensive costs for companies these days.

To outsource this to a computer program (the other platforms) and/or their marginal in-house guidance (if available at all) is penny wise and pound foolish.

Especially since the 3rd party broker service is FREE!

Rippling allows for a 3rd party broker and in fact, that's one of the big differentiating factors when compared to the major competitors.


We can work with all the major carriers!


quote all major California employer carriers


Then...there's the government's pound of flesh in today's benefit HR world.

Quickly becoming a ton!


Build compliance right into the architecture

Just on the Benefit side alone, the new requirements are growing faster than any company is!

The ACA law ushered in a range of different reporting and compliance requirements for companies.

A great deal of this also impacts payroll and before Rippling, we didn't have a good way to kill two birds with one stone.

Whether it's ACA, HIPAA, or local/state employee reporting requirements, Rippling is a full-fledged compliance dynamo across each of the vectors it addresses.

Any company that doesn't "outsource" this to adequate software management like Rippling is really rolling the dice.

Some of the fines now for pretty arcane requirements are through the roof. It's just not worth it and Rippling assumes this burden with no additional cost from the primary payroll and basic monthly fee.

Worth the money alone.

Then there's expansion and growth.


Easily add new components as needed

Right now, you may only need payroll and benefits. That's the core offering that most companies need addressing front and center.

It won't be the last!

Typically, an immediate need such as corporate credit cards or IT management creeps up on a growing company.

They're faced with researching all the various companies in that space and hoping for the best (cue the launch PSTD from above).

Once Rippling is set up, it's easy to add any additional module and there's no additional cost!

This really is revolutionary and there are billion dollar companies in each space that are going to find out that the competition is swallowing the market.

Think about when Microsoft gave away the browser for free (goodbye Netscape) or when Google gave away email, pages, and sheets for free (sorry Microsoft).

In fact, each of these different modules has giant companies charging big money.

Employee reimbursement alone is huge and expected to grow 20% a year!


  • Concur
  • Ariba
  • IBM

Huge companies charging hefty SaaS fees.

Rippling incorporates this as an additional module with full receipt management and payroll integration.'s all one system based on the employee data record!

As your company and its needs grow, it's as simple as flipping on the module.

That only works if the system really is integrated and not..."integrated" as per sales reps.


One interfaces to rule them all

If you have any background in coding, you know that the original data structure always leaves an imprint going forward.

Sure, you can work-around and monkey hammer new aspects but there's always the possibility (probability??) that issues will arrive.

You have to start with this expansion designed from the beginning.

That's Rippling! They based everything around the employee data record being primary and any module expansion (say IT management) came off of that initial design process.

It's revolutionary really.

After all, this "Human" resources. The employee has the device...not the other way around!

Many companies are used to having one system for payroll. One for HR. One for IT management. Etc.

All different interfaces and processes. They rarely talk with other. They definitely don't automatically update each other with changes in one.

For example, if an employee is terminated, the ripple of that should propagate to benefits, payroll, IT, etc.

A shipping package needs to be generated to the address in payroll/HR to process the device return and passwords need to be terminated.

Rippling automatically does that. See the magic of this?!

It's one interface so getting up and running is much simpler but more importantly, the reduction in time spent on managing all these siloed systems is...well ridiculous when you look back on how you used to do it!

After all, HR needs to look like a rockstar and now, we have a tool to actually boost the most powerful asset of any company... its people!


It just works!

That's it. It works. Just look at the ratings across 1000's of systems:


rippling platform reviews


We've interfaced with all the big systems and this is finally the real deal.

Rippling pulled it off and that's no small feat.

Everything above sounds great (much like the spiel from outside sales reps for other systems) but delivering has always been the issue.

For example, Salesforce's presentation sounds fantastic but the actual interface can often be very janky and convoluted. As if coders designed it with little input from people that actually use it.

We're sure you've been there.

With the paid roll-out and integration, the transition is accounted for.

Beyond that, the system needs to work and it does for one simple reason.

They started with a clean employee data record basis and built from there. Each module has its own white paper. This was not by chance!

We're happy to run numbers for you and help with any questions.




quote employer health hr benefit


Let's get started.



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