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California Medicare Agents with Fantastic Google Reviews

Most people researching Medicare options are caught between a rock and a hard place.

The rock being the sheer complexity of Medicare with its "parts", supplements and the whole Advantage plan zoo.

The hard place being...the number of "agents" that seem to be pushing something.

People need help understanding and finding the best medicare plan for them but how on Earth do you avoid all the bad actors.

Yes, we said it.  Bad actors.

Technically, an agent is not allowed to call you without your explicit approval (called a Scope of Appointment).'ve received no unsolicited calls, right?   Right??

If they're not going to follow that basic rule, then how do you trust them for all the other more important stuff.

Below is our guide on what to look for in an agent and to cut to the chase, here's our Google reviews from actual customers:


More importantly, we follow all the new rules for Advantage and Part D.

Finding the best Medicare agent:

  • Our back story over 25+ years; especially the Advantage piece
  • The rules medicare agents should follow (so you know up front)
  • How Medicare agents get paid
  • Access to quote ALL plans; a challenge to other agents
  • Online enrollment, instant quoting, doctor/RX filtering, and more!

Let's get started!

Our back story over 25+ years; especially the Advantage piece

We have been active in the California health insurance market including Medicare since 1996.

In fact, the founders father has been active (still is!!) since 1970!  Goodness.  It's a family thing.

We went online aggressively in 1999 as we saw it could really help people understand their options and see all the plans...instantly.

Medicare supplements have long been a key part of our offering and we have enrolled 1000's of Californians across the different plans and carriers.

We came to Advantage plans as we noticed that many of our Covered Ca members on the silver 87/94 plans were aging out of Covered Ca and going to Advantage plans!

Our google reviews show our relationships with prior clients so we wanted them to be able to stay with us.

It wasn't till Integrity
approached us that we felt we really could offer what people needed.

Their online system is fantastic (no cost to you) and it allows you to quote and enroll online across the plans.  We'll touch on this below but we love the control and access it gives to seniors.

We can help medicare enrollees across California and have offerings (Supplements and/or Advantage plans) in every county.

Let's first talk about the rules.  We follow them!

The rules medicare agents should follow (so you know up front)

Medicare supplements operate pretty similarly to pre-65 health plans.

It's really Advantage plans and Part D that brought a range of new rules for engagement.

Here are the big ones:

  • An agent must get a person's "opt in" called a Scope of Apointment before contacting a person regarding Advantage plans and/or Part D (for medication)
  • Emails are fine but we try to keep this informational
  • Phone calls regarding Advantage plans and Part D MUST be recorded; it's the law now
  • Medicare agents can't cold-call, show up at your house, or worse

This is all around projecting seniors for unscrupulous sales practices and the new recorded calls rule shows there were plenty of shenanigans out there!

That's why you should focus on the reviews from other people and ours is here:

medicare agents with google reviews

We've made the scope of appointment super easy with a simple email we'll send out.  As for the call, we have a special number 888-496-9439 just for Advantage/Part D which automatically records calls.  If you don't want to be recorded, we can address any questions by email at

Trasparency is important so let's get to heart of why those medicare agents may be so pushy!

How Medicare agents get paid

Medicare agents get paid a commission by the carriers.  

It's pretty comparable from carrier to carrier but there's a difference between Supplements and Advantage plans.

The key consideration to you is that there is ZERO difference in cost if you go through an agent or direct with the carrier or through another entity.

It's all the same price to you!

The issue is whether some medicare agents will be too pushy because an option is in their interest and NOT in yours.

We would argue...yes, this happens all the time or they wouldn't have needed to add the recorded call rule.

We also get calls from people who say their mom or dad were moved to another plan without their understanding or approval.  This is clearly a sign of an agent not doing their job!

In fact, as part of the process, the agent needs to explain that they are enrolling you in a plan and your old plan will end as a result.

The only way we can really think to address good from bad actors is a third party review system that can't be scammed.  Hello Google Reviews!

Now, let's get to the really exciting piece.

Access to quote Major plans; a challenge to other agents

The other big issue with Medicare agents (in our books) is access to information.

In a given area, there can be dozens of plans.  Especially in more populous areas with the Advantage options.

There's a new requirement that an agent must state:


"We do not offer every plan available in your area. Any information we provide is limited to those plans we do offer in your area. Please contact or 1-800-MEDICARE to get information on all of your options."

There's a certification process that's pretty involved for Advantage and Part D plans and each carrier has their own.

For this reason, most agents will not contract with EVERY carrier.  Some only contract with a few.  May even push one!

They may just show their plans and maybe there's a plan not shown which is a better fit for a client. do we navigate this as good Medicare agents?

Our system allows you to see major plans in your area (outside of Kaiser)!

quote california medicare carriers and plans online

This is so important and really a show of good faith on our side.

We contract with the biggest and strongest carriers (explain why at our How to Pick Best Medicare Plan...hint hint, it's the networks!).  Kaiser's a whole different deal and people usually know if they want to be there or not.

If there's a plan that works for you but we're not contracted, we'll send you the enrollment links and might even get certified!

Good luck finding this behavior with most other agents out there.  Maybe that's why our Google Reviews are kinda ridiculous.

It's what we would want for our moms and dads.  Period.

Now...let's turn to the most exciting piece.

Online enrollment, instant quoting, doctor/RX filtering, and more!

As Medicare agents, we aim to make the whole process much easier.

To that end...

Run your Medicare supplement quote here.


quote and enroll in medicare plans

Make sure to enter doctor/RX info for Advantage and/or Part D quotes.

This way, you'll get access to a personalized quote to the plans in your area for Supplements, Advantage Plans, and Part D!

With most of the plans we're contracted with (the big ones with track records), you'll be able to even enroll online!

Of course, we're happy to help with any questions!  Just schedule a time (so we can use the recorded line option) or email us.

You even see the Plan Star rankings for each plan right through the quote.

So a recap of what you'll have access to:

  • Major supplements, Advantage Plans, and Part D options in your area
  • Online enrollment for any plan we're contracted with
  • Medicare Star Rankings
  • Personalized quote based on your doctors and medications
  • Zero cost for all of this!

Here's the great part.  Your info will be in our system so that each year at renewal, you just update and 1/2 the work is done!

This makes open enrollment super easy and fast. cost for this access!

Now...the medicare agent part.


Reach out to us with any questions about plans, process, or just how Medicare works.

This is where the Google Reviews kick in and we challenge other Medicare agents in terms of rankings.

We really do try to help people and this will show here just like the Medicare Star rankings reflect people's interactions with the various carriers and plans.

In today's world of internet information access, it's MANDATORY in terms of finding a good medicare agent.

Especially when there are so many bad ones out there!

Here are resources to help you in the meantime:

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