California Medicare Options  -  Guide and Review of California Humana Medicare Advantage Plans

guide to California Humana Advantage plans for Medicare

Humana California Medicare Advantage Plans Guide and Review

Humana has shown strong growth in the California market which makes sense considering it's size as a nationwide carrier.

We can see from the chart below that excluding Kaiser, Humana comes in at the 6th spot with good growth between the two years ending at 103K members in California.



where does humana rank for california advantage plans



We expect as much from one of the big 5 Nationwide carriers (United and Aetna being in that mix).

As we'll see below, they can compete in even the most crowded market (hint hint...Los Angeles).



We'll run sample quotes and walk you through how to compare Humana's options where they focus (Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange).


Humana has really targeted the biggest markets for Advantage plans (down South!) with Staninslaus being the outlier.


First, our credentials:




Here are the topics we'll cover:


  • A quick intro to Humana's Advantage Plans in California
  • Are people happy with Humana Advantage plans
  • Comparing the different Humana Advantage plans
  • How to quote Humana Advantage plans
  • How to enroll in Humana Advantage plans

Let's get started!

A quick intro to Humana's Advantage Plans in California

Humana has a pretty clean Advantage plan offering in terms of the number of plans which makes it easier to compare.

Their Gold Plus HMO is the lead-in offer in most areas.  There can also be a version of this that tied to USAA but it doesn't include a Part D medication benefit.

We don't recommend that for most people since you may not be able to get a stand-alone RX Part D plan.

As we'll see below, they hit our Triple Threat selection criteria in many markets.

Unlike other carriers, Humana has decided (for your quote here) to focus on the greater Los Angeles area.  We'll include Orange and Riverside in this "lumping" despite their outcries! (from Tustin so I get it).  

There has been expansion into counties up North. is Humana received by it's members?



Are people happy with Humana Advantage plans

We really lean on the Medicare Star Rating to answer this question!

First, it's internal to Medicare so it can't be manipulated which is really important.


There are so many websites out there that push this or that carrier/plan only to find out they have a relationship (translated money) with that carrier.

We believe it's important that you can see the major plans in your area.  We'll show how to view this below.

Here's the good news for Humana.


In California, they're consistently showing 4 star plans which is a key component of our Triple Threat Selection system:

  • Star ratings of 4 stars or higher
  • Low or no premium
  • Max out of pocket under $1000

how to compare california medicare Humana advantage plans and carriers



Then's there's recent accolades on from US News:

humana advantage plans customer service award


Sure, we prefer the Medicare Star Rating but member experience is a good measure of how a plan works day to day so it's a feather in the cap.

Keep in mind this is Nationwide where as the Star Ratings are regional (California) and by plan so we really focus on that in a given area.

Speaking of which, let's go there now.



Comparing the different Humana Advantage plans

There are smaller counties with Humana coverage up North but we're going to zero in on the big 2 below as a sampler.


  • Humana Advantage plans in Los Angeles
  • Humana Advantage plans in San Diego

The offering is pretty comparable across the counties but we'll contrast the ranking in the market! the Western Front!



Los Angeles Humana Comparison


 When we select "Show non-licensed plans" up top, we can see full market and Humana is the 3rd carrier behind Kaiser and SCAN:

Los angeles Humana medicare advantage


That's impressive!  Quite hard actually.

The plan hits our three-prong approach:

  • 4 star rating
  • Zero premium
  • Out of pocket max of $600!

That max is even lower than United's plans at $800.  


This is a solid offering and speaks to why they're in the top 10 among a very...very crowded market.

If you don't want Kaiser networks, that leaves SCAN or Humana with United rounding off the top 10 for major carriers.


United's provider networks might be bigger so that's a consideration (see United Advantage plan guide).


SCAN is a smaller carrier although it's really focused on the Advantage market with high marks from consumers.

We have great options in LA including Humana's offering!


You can quote Humana against the other big carriers here:

quote advantage plans and part D in los angeles


Make sure to add our doctors, hospital, medications/dosages and sort by "Total Estimated Cost".

Further down the list, you have two more Humana plans:


quote humana advantage plans in los angeles


What gives?

The second plan gives you back up to $100 of your Part B premium.  

We have a big guide and comparison to Part B giveback plans to see if they might be a good fit.

The simple math...We're getting up to $100/month ($1200) year depending on what your Part B premium is (income affects rates) but we're taking on $1900 extra exposure for big bills.

Of the rebate plans, this is definitely towards the top of the range as long as your Part B premium is $100 or more.  



One note...all the Gold Plus HMO plans have the same network so plan#1 or 2 would be our choice.

What about San Diego county?

San Diego and Humana Advantage Plans

We chose San Diego for specific reason.

It highlights the latest trend with California advantage plans..

Carriers partnering up with huge provider networks and/or Pharmacies

When we run the quote with "all non-license plans", we see that Humana is in the top 10 along with Kaiser and Sharp (the first plan below).

Now when we filter for Humana, we get their top offerings:



Interesting ..."UC San Diego Health Humana".

UC San Diego is a premier provider network down in greater San Diego so Humana partnered with them in this area specifically!


We see this with Aetna and CVS (see Aetna guide) or even United and Walgreens (see United Guide).

If you want access to UC San Diego, this really makes Humana a key contender.


One note...the max out of pockets in San Diego are much higher than in LA county.

The UC San Diego max is actually on the low side!

This speaks to the Advantage HMO model not being to able to bend the cost curve (translated negotiate hard with providers) in that area.

We still have our 4 stars across the plans which is critical.  


So...just the max-out-of-pockets aren't inline versus medicare supplements (more on this with comparing medicare plans or medicare advantage versus medicare supplements).

We've looked generally at two different areas.

What about your situation? what about Humana in your area?


How to quote Humana Advantage plans

We make this easy.

Free, Fast, and Secure here:

where to get best quote for advantage plans in california


For advantage plans, you will be able to enter your preferred doctors and/or medications (securely). 



This is so important with Medicare Advantage plans and our system will take this information into account when creating the quote!

That's complaint #1 and 2 with Advantage plan members taken care of from the get-go!


There's zero cost for our assistance and our credentials:

california humana medicare agent with google reviews

We've made this super easy with our free system.

You'll get a full quote then for Advantage as well as supplements and Part D.

A few notes.

You can also  click on "show Special Needs Plans" up top as well.

If you think you might be eligible for medi-cal or have a chronic disease, it's good to see what's available in your area.

You can check with your local county office to see what you're eligible for.

We're happy to help with any questions or help compare the plans at no cost to you.

What if you find the right plan for you?

How to enroll in Humana Advantage plans

This is even better.

Right through the same quote you receive above including Humana, you can enroll right online!

It will automatically enter into your existing information and the process can save 30 minutes off the standard approach.

Here's the part we're excited about...

At the Annual Open Enrollment, rather than having to start the process all over again, you just update doctor, RX, and any big changes and the system will automatically quote all the new plans.

Enrollment is even easier second go around since your core info is in the system.

No cost for using this system to you!

Humana participates in both the quoting and online enrollment above across California.

Of course, we're to help you with any questions!  Email us at with questions or to set up a call!

Be well!

Important Disclaimers:

  • We do not offer every plan available in your area. The number of organizations and plans available will be specified for your specific quote here. Please contact Medicare. gov, 1-800-MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) to get information on all of your options.
  • Not all plans offer all of these benefits. Benefits may vary by carrier and location. Limitations, exclusions, copays, deductibles, and coinsurance may apply.
  • Part B Premium give-back is not available with all plans. Availability varies by carrier and location. Actual Part B premium reduction varies.
  • Every year, Medicare evaluates plans based on a 5-star rating system.
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