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General Health Insurance Information and Guides








Introduction to California health insurance in 5 easy pieces
California health plans simplified.  The three main components
Major California health carrier Comparisons.  Who's the best?
Am I Insurable?   Understand how the carriers look at your health history
Pre-Existing health issues?  How do they affect your eligibility
Catastrophic health insurance.  Cover the bill bill and keep costs down
The California health broker or agent.  What is our role?
Cobra coverage.  What are your options and how does Cobra work
Back to the depth information on DEDUCTIBLE
Back to the depth information on COPAYS
Back to the depth information on CO-INSURANCE
Back to the depth information on MAX-OUT-OF-POCKET
Back to the depth information on TWO MEMBER MAX
Back to the depth information on LIFETIME MAXIMUM
HMO versus PPO.  The first question to answer when choosing a plan
Brand Name Prescriptions do you need coverage in your health plan?
The Concept of Insurance.   How does it really work
Mental health and California insurance.  Now part of the plan
Mental health Parity.  California law equalizing coverage for Mental health benefits
Out of Network.  Understand how the networks affect your out of pocket
How to use your health plan.  Tips to help you get the most out of your plan
Prescriptions and California health coverage.  An increasingly important benefit
Office Copay basics.  Intro to how office copays work
Pregnancy and Maternity benefits in California  Simple delivery can run $10,000
Health insurance rates  What determines your rates
California Consumer Guide.  information on understanding your health care options
Preventative coverage for health plans.  The much needed, new addition to plans
Self Employed health insurance.  Find out the best approach for the self-employed
California help for the Uninsured.  AIM, MRMIP, Healthy Families, and other options
Negotiated PPO rates How do negotiated rates work with PPO health plans
Affordable health insurance and how do you find it
Non-Maternity plans Smart Sense and HSA plans work well when maternity isn't needed
Chiropractic coverage More information on the critical piece of alternative health care
Acupuncture benefits Find out how it works with health plans in our State
California health insurance plan Quick tips to help you find the right plan
Rate Guarantees.  Lock in old rates for a period of time
Short Term options.  Just need coverage for a temporary period?
Travel Medical insurance.  Coverage for leaving the country
College Plans.  How does the college plan compare with your coverage?
Privacy Information.  Find out how we protect your valuable information
California health market news.  Get the latest including carrier updates
How to choose California health insurance.  What to look for and avoid
Alternative care and your health plans.  Not so alternative any more
High risk pools for people without coverage.  The safety net in California
Resource list for agencies and websites for health insurance information
Discount Plans.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is
Medi-Cal coverage.  Low or no-cost option for Californians
Rate Increases.  Understand how they work and why
Hospital Plans.  The pro's and con's on hospital only plans
California health insurance rights.  Know how you are empowered
Avoid bad health insurance plans  Know what to look forward
California Guide.  State provided guide explaining health insurance in our State
Lumenos plans and preventative  Combines high deductible with rich preventative benefits
Choosing a Blue Cross health insurance plan  Important tips from Blue Cross
Complaints and your California health plan.  The State provides options
High Deductible Plan.  What are the benefits to high deductible plans
Student health insurance.  Specific needs and matching plan options
Major carrier listings  Who are the main health carriers in California
Stats on major health carriers in California 
Understand what contributes to a health plan's cost  What is driving the costs
HIPAA coverage.  The back-up option that's helping those exhausting Cobra
Coverage rescission.  Learn how to avoid having your health coverage rescinded
Anthem Blue Cross Application Center  Information on Blue Cross individual family enrollment
California health terms.  The basic terms to help you understand your options
Blue Card program.  PPO members can take advantage of a nearly Nationwide network
Urgent Care and your plan.  How is emergency treated with health plans
California agencies.  State resources to address your health plan questions
Know your rights.  What are your rights in California concerning health coverage
Doctors and your HMO plan.  How does access work?
Dental networks.  The three dental networks and models
PPO and POS plans.  The direction of health insurance in California
California health care tips.  Helps you get the most out of your plan
Healthcare definitions.  Basic explanation of important terms
Primary Care Physician.  How does the Primary Care Physician work?
Continuation of Coverage.  Understand your options when losing coverage
Claims Processing.  Find out how claims processing works
Health Insurance.  First understand how it works
Dependent Children.  How does coverage for dependent children work?
Term Life insurance.  Does it make sense to buy through your health carrier?
Insurance in other States.  Find out information for other State health plans
California health care legislations.  How it affects your coverage and costs
Making the Right Decision.  Important tips for choosing a carrier and plan
Anthem Blue Cross Center  Wellpoint flagship carrier
Blue Shield of California Center  Non-profit, strong PPO carrier
Health Net of California Center  HMO-strong carrier
Pacificare of California Center  HMO-strong carrier
Generic RX versus Brand RX   Making the prescription choice on the market
Already Pregnant and Uninsured  What options are available on the California individual market
Shopping Tips   Our insider's tips to finding the best match on the market
Deductible versus Max OOP  Know your true exposure
Continuing Education Keeping California agents up to speed
Health Reform and Adverse Selection   our experience points to higher rates
MLR Rebates  The amounts are small but we're not going to say no
Supreme Court decision  How it affects California health reform
Guaranteed issue for children   Part of Health Reform already affects child coverage
Cheap California health insurance  Cheap has received a bad rap
Major Medical health plans  Cover the big bills well
Finding the Best health plans in California  How to get the best coverage
Understand your California health quote  Make sense of what you see on the screen
Personal health insurance California  What if you don't group coverage?


Individual and Family Health Insurance Center

For updates:
Individual California Health Center







Individual health insurance between States How coverage works between States
Online Applications The advantages of the online application for individual enrollment
Individual health billing options What are your billing options with Individual family coverage
Individual versus Cobra How to compare your Cobra option with individual coverage
Rate tiers How your health can affect the rates for individual and family health plans
Split Policy on individual plan When does it make sense to split family members onto different plans
What if I am declined coverage?  Options for applicants declined individual health insurance
Health Underwriter  How the underwriter affects the enrollment process
Individual Dental insurance Dental introduction for individuals and families in California
Application Health History Questionnaire  Completing the individual application health history questionnaire
Individual Vision insurance How does vision coverage work in California for Individuals?
Delays and your Individual health application What can slow down the process?
Individual health insurance enrollment How does the application and enrollment process work
Canceling Individual plan if offered group Important items to consider when considering group coverage
Maternity and individual health plans What to consider with maternity and individual health insurance
Understand your Individual Family health quote find out how to read your personalized quote
Questions to ask when choosing an individual health insurance plan
Full time student and insurance Options for over-age dependents
Top 20 questions for Individual health  Enrollment and Choosing a plan
Guide to individual and family health insurance
General introduction to how Individual and Family coverage works
Will my rates change if I get sick?  Find out how your claims affect rates
Individual Underwriting.  How the carrier looks at your health
Individual and Family health insurance page page for individual family coverage
Smart Sense PPO plan Blue Cross' new plans offers choice of deductible and prescription coverage
Basic 1000 and 2500 PPO Plan Blue Cross' low cost hospital plan for catastrophic coverage
Right Plan $40 PPO Plan Blue Cross' no deductible PPO plan with three prescription options
PPO 3500 Deductible Blue Cross affordable plan combines high deductible and RX coverage
Revised Options for the Uninsurable  New plans are available if you cannot qualify
Current Individual health insurance planscape  12/20/2011 planscape
July 2012 Individual Maternity Bill 155 and 210  maternity coverage for most individual plans
HSA Account Funding and Reality  The HSA plans generally make sense only if you fund the account
Online App Issues  Typical areas where people get stuck on the online application
Individual Family HMO plans  What happened to the HMO rates
Medications and Individual Underwriting  How do your meds affect qualifying
15 Day Effective Date Rule New rules affect the earliest effective date available on the individual market
Blue Shield Vital Shield Plans  Attractive pricing and benefits for a PPO plan
Navigating Individual Rate Increases  Dealing with the coming onslaught
Comparing California Cobra and Individual   Which is less expensive and better?
New Blue Shield of California Individual plans   See what's new for July
Younger Spouse Age for Quote  Always use the age of the younger spouse
Embedded Deductibles   Find out how they work in your favor
Closed Individual Plans  What if the carrier closes your plan?
Payment Options  The credit card goes away for individual plans
Common Questions - 1st Month's Premium  Does it mean you're approved?
Common Questions - Time it Takes Application to Process   What can you expect
Common Questions - Pre-existing conditions and Options  How does health history affect options
Common Questions - Length of Contract  How and when can you cancel
Key Factors in choosing plans  What to really look at
Current catastrophic coverage options   What's best on the market
Anthem Clear Protection 3300   catastrophic health coverage at a low price
Grandfathered Plans  The 3/23/2010 marks a dividing line


Small Group (2-50 Employees) Health Insurance Center

For updates:
Group California Health Center



Out of State Employees How do Group health plans handle Out of State Employees
Part Time Employees How are part time employees handled
Dual Coverage Dual coverage under two company insurance plans
Group Dental Introduction to Group dental insurance in California
Kaiser Small Group Group health insurance options from Kaiser of California
Vision Insurance Vision coverage for your California group benefits
California company size How company size affects your Group health insurance options
Group insurance eligibility Three main requirements for groups to qualify
How to Choose Group Plan Important tips to consider when choosing group coverage
New Company enrollment What issues arise when new Companies need health benefits
Part Time Employees Group health insurance eligibility for
Anthem Blue Cross Group Underwriting What are the rules for Blue Cross group eligibility?
Premium Only Plan or POP  Let employees pay premium with pre-tax money
1099 Contract workers How Group health plans work with 1099 contract workers
Guaranteed Issue What does Guaranteed Issue mean for your Small Group health plan?
Annual Renewal  How does the annual renewal affect your group health plan
Blue Cross EmployeeElect  large group flexibility for your Small Group health benefits
Family Business health insurance What plan works best for the "Mom and Pop" business
Shopping for group health  What to consider when shopping for group health plans
Value of Dental and Vision plans  Why employees like their dental and vision benefits
Benefits Small Group health plan from Blue Cross  Low cost plan suite from Blue Cross
California group health insurance  General introduction to Small Group
Why offer Small Group California health benefits  Benefits are an important step for your company
Group health insurance  Guide to how Small Group works
California Small Group  RAF or Risk Adjustment Factor  How it affects your rates
Guide to Understanding group health coverage
Why purchase a health plan for your California company  Important considerations
California Employer Application  A quick walk-through the employer app
Shopping Group health market  Tips for narrowing the options


Medicare Supplement Health Insurance Center

For updates:
Medicare California Health Center


Medicare Supplement insurance page on
Medigap Comparison  Understand the differences between the plans
Best Medicare Supplement value  Why the F plan is hard to beat
Blue Cross Senior Smart Choice  Low cost, high deductible F plan



Health Savings Account HSA


Instant Quote Health Savings Account
How HSA's works  simple breakdown on how the two components work together
Health Savings Account detail on mechanics of HSA's
California HSA Accounts and Funding Reality  The tax benefits are needed these days

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